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Download MP3 file Let Jesus Climb Into Your Boat!
Gospel of Mark | Mark (6: 45-52)
Tim Gannon | 15-Jul-18
Were you born in a cruise liner or a battleship? What happens if a bomb lands in the swimming pool? Is it "Shock horror" or "battle stations!" 

Download MP3 file "Rise And Have No Fear"
The Gospel of Mark | Mark (9: 2-13)
James Davies | 08-Jul-18
God said "This Is My Beloved Son - Listen to Him!". He intends good for us, so don't stave off what he is saying to you. Commit to being open to God. 

Download MP3 file G O S P E L
Matthew (10:5-14)
Steve Wilson | 01-Jul-18
Steve's preach given at Kings Arms Bedford on June 24th and shown in his absence due to illness. All about the Tsunami of Love "coins". 

Download MP3 file Giving: The Heart of the Matter
The Gospel of Mark | Mark (10:17-31 & 12:41-44)
Tim Gannon | 24-Jun-18

Download MP3 file Men At Their Best
Philippians (2: 3-11)
James Davies | 17-Jun-18

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