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We love MK! We love people!

 By Kim Fraser

Last Saturday, six of us went to The Hub MK to bless the people of Milton Keynes by giving out free roses. We had fifty roses with specially written tags attached containing messages such as 'You are loved', 'You are special' and 'You are worth it'. On the other side of the tags was an invitation to recipients to approach us if they wanted to talk or receive prayer.

As soon as we arrived the roses started to be snapped up by grateful passers-by, and all were gone in under an hour! Many of the people we met could not believe that we were giving beautiful roses out for free, simply to bless people.

Here are a few of the stories from that afternoon:

  • One lady said that she had been having a rubbish day but getting a rose had made it much better!
  • Three of us entered one of the restaurants in The Hub carrying roses. On seeing us a waitress came over to find out what we were doing and why. When we explained she couldn't believe we were giving the roses away for free. She took a rose for herself and then asked if she could take one for her mum as she was unwell, and we said, 'Of course, you can!' We then asked if we could pray for her mum and she agreed.
  • One of the attached tags had a message on it that was specifically man-focused, and we could tell that for the man who received this rose that its message really sparked something in him.
  • When one man, who'd watched the roses being given away for a few minutes, came over and was offered a rose, he put his hand in his pocket to give us some money for it. When we explained that the rose was free he was blown away!
  • Another man when offered a rose responded, 'But I'm an atheist!', to which we replied that we still wanted to bless him with a rose - so he took one!

As these stories show, it only takes a few roses and a little courage to change the atmosphere in CMK.

Posted by Kim Fraser at 8:12 AM