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God loves our children and they love him back!

  By Marsha Walker

As a mum of three children I am challenged daily about getting my focus right as a parent. It’s very easy for concerns about schooling, sports and other achievements to become all-consuming… I try to remember that Jesus comes first in all things and to actively encourage my children to put him as the centre of their lives, which is how they’ll find out that he helps with all the ‘other stuff’ too! Can there be anything more rewarding than to watch our precious children fall more and more in love with Jesus and learn how to live this out in their lives?

I am totally passionate about the children in Grace Church and want to share with everyone just how amazing and on fire for Jesus they are! They are God’s ‘now’ generation and it has been nothing but a privilege to work with them over the past year-and-a-half and to witness their journeys of faith. Together we’ve shared our passion and love for Jesus and it’s been awe-inspiring to watch them all grow in their desire to know him more. If you need God to break into your life I encourage you to get the children to pray for you! The Holy Spirit lives and breathes in these amazing and faith-filled youngsters!

As we’ve actively been talking about our faith together and challenging one another about how we can share Jesus with our friends, the children have come up with so many brilliant ideas we now have a list of over 15 potential events! We will be brainstorming for these and putting an event together for the summer - so watch this space and please support it. As we discussed it, Mayo Olujobi had a question: ‘Marsha, will I be able to invite as many friends as I like to our event - not just one?’ My heart jumped with delight and all I could cry was ‘YES! YES! YES!’ Thank you, Father, that our children are on fire to share their faith!

Last week we looked at the life of David in the Bible (not just the obvious David and Goliath story!). We discussed how God restored and used David even when he acted wrongly and what it was that made David a man after God’s own heart. David was a man of worship so this brought us on to the Psalms. The children were encouraged to write their own psalm, prayer or song as an act of worship. They embraced this wholeheartedly and came up with the most amazing pieces, three of which follow. I had tears in my eyes as I heard them read their work.

   He is the best and spreads his love.
   He is amazing and shepherds all.
   He created everyone,
   Even the animals and plants,
   For he is the best!
      (written by Benjamin Davies)

   He is the one who carries the earth
   And loves us all whatever we do.
   He is mighty, he is strong,
   He is lovely, he is amazing!
      (written by Samuel Davies)

   He is the King, he is the King,
   But he needs no bling,
   ’Cause he’s amazing just the way he is!

   He ripped the temple curtain in two,
   And those guards did run,
   The day they messed with the Lord! 

   So hit that chord to praise the Lord! 


   He loves us,
   We must trust in his deep love,
   ’Cause he’s amazing just the way he is.

      (written by Torsten Hansen)




Posted by Marsha Walker at 8:37 PM