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Mending the generation gap

 By Tony Villiers

'The glory of young men is their strength, grey hair the splendour of the old' (Proverbs 20:29).

I'm in the position of increasingly identifying with the second part of this verse while wishing I had rather more of the first! It's hard to believe that as a boy I could play football all day and still be full of beans... That energy wouldn't half come in handy now, but I have to say that what I've since gained through a lifetime's experiences is of such enduring value and blessing that I wouldn't want to exchange it for any amount of youthful energy. That's not to knock what the young have. In fact, each age has its own excellence, to be respected and enjoyed at the appointed time. But whatever stage of life we're in, we can multiply the good of it by lining ourselves up with God's great purposes. That way our old age becomes a reflection of a life of godly choices which gives rise to a wisdom that can benefit the whole church. Likewise, the energy of a young person when it's given over to zealously seeking after God can do much to stir up, excite and motivate everybody else, especially us old folks!

The church demonstrates to a divided world what true intergenerational unity looks like. So, in the light of God's grace to us, let's set out to do just that. Let's neither look down on the young nor treat the old with impatience, but seek always to build one another up. We're all equally vital parts of the one new man in Christ.

Posted by Tony Villiers at 7:29 AM


Get to know Jesus better

 By Tony Villiers

The other day I was reading something by Terry Virgo and I was very struck by this powerful challenge: 'Forget the little Sunday school pictures you get of a spineless, pathetic Jesus, and take a good look at his life. See his intimacy with God, his joy, his confidence, his faith, his power. Note how compassionately he dealt with people who needed help, and how masterfully he defeated those who opposed him. He was a man who lived life to the full, a man who invites you by faith to the do the same.'

This is the Jesus we are encountering week after week in our preaching series through Luke's Gospel, 'A real God for real people'. Please can I encourage you to chew on this Gospel for yourself and listen to the messages again (see Sermon Archive). Getting to grips with who Jesus really is, learning from his faith-filled way of living, and applying his truth to our lives has great potential to transform us for the better. And that's what will advance God's kingdom in the places where we live.

Posted by Tony Villiers at 7:24 AM


Coming soon to a church near you...

 By Tony Villiers

Well, it looks like the summer heat has given way to more typically British weather! Never mind, it was lovely while it lasted, and I hope you had a chance to enjoy it and feel refreshed for what the new 'term' has to offer. 

Grace Church has lots planned for the autumn, and we hope you'll be able to join us for some or all of our events. As well as all our usual activities on a Sunday and midweek we are holding a Harvest service on 22nd September. This will be a time of celebrating God's goodness to us and an opportunity to offer practical help to local families in need. We have a charity auction in aid of Willen Hospice on 4th October with lots of great donated gifts to bid for, and in November there'll be a barn dance to celebrate ten years of Grace Church Milton Keynes. Then, and I know it seems a long way off now but in no time at all it'll be Christmas, when we'll be doing lots of festive things together as a church family. For more details on any of these activities please check our Events page.

Posted by Tony Villiers at 9:20 AM