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Download MP3 file Jesus the generous sower
The Gospel of Mark | Mark (4:1-20)
Jon Kempster | 22-Apr-18
If we can be a faithful and generous sower ourselves, God will provide the harvest. This week show someone the grace of God. 

Download MP3 file Good News
The Gospel of Mark | Mark (2:1-12)
Tim Gannon | 19-Apr-18

Download MP3 file Christians and Technology
Titus (2:11-13)
James Davies | 08-Apr-18

Download MP3 file Easter Sunday
Matthew (27: 50-54 & 28: 1-10)
Tim Gannon | 01-Apr-18
Are you going to be a Guard or a Mary?  

Download MP3 file Good Friday

Tim Gannon | 30-Mar-18

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