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Christian Partners in Africa

Grace Church supports Christian Partners in Africa, a registered charity based in Lincoln (UK). Working in partnership with African churches and Development Organisations, the charity aims to restore hope and dignity to individuals, families, and communities living in poverty in Africa.

Christian Partners in Africa is primarily involved in childcare and education, convinced that by nurturing the physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of a child, they will flourish irrespective of which country they are born in. Jesus led the way by telling his disciples that children mattered. It is up to us to do the same.

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Denise's Trip to Uganda

Denise is currently visiting St Paul's Community Primary School in Rukungiri, Uganda, which the Grace Church family supports. You can download a PDF of the school's activity report for last term here. She starts her trip visiting another of CPA's current projects, Komamboga Children's Home in Uganda.

Denise is keeping us informed via WhatsApp, so here are her messages:

▼ Scroll down for latest post (Saturday 5th October) ▼

• Thursday 26th September:
Hillarious times in Uganda. Great flight and overnight stay in Nairobi. Even though we knew our luggage was slightly overweight, we sailed through check in each time. Praise God. Our driver met us at Entebbe airport and walked us to the van to be greeted by an armed soldier who rebuked the driver for parking illegally. Next minute our luggage is loaded in the boot and we try to make a swift exit...but the driver has locked his keys in the boot. Suddenly there is sympathy all round from the soldier and then a series of what surely must be practiced car thieves who proceed to break off pieces of a wire fence and try to flick the lock through the partially opened window whilst standing on s luggage trolley! Rosey and I are praying by the roadside and eventually we are in! More tales to follow I'm sure. 🤪👍

Safely installed in our Kampala hotel...Eureka Palace.. and yes we have a bath tub! Really busy day tomorrow with meetings with new foster families of the Children's home kids and our partner here...Retrack/ Hope for Justice. Please keep praying....thanks so much, we feel it so strongly. Denise x

• Friday 27th September
Great day today visiting some of the Children's Home kids, now resettled in foster families. All seem to be doing well, but need time to adjust. Thanks for your prayers.

• Saturday 28th September
Great day today visiting some of the first generation of the Children's Home and their children!! Scary how time goes. Gave a retirement gift from CPA to the remaining auntie at the home, enough for her to buy land and a house in recognition of the 22 years service she has given. Floods of tears followed all round. Visited the new pig pens in the garden of the Home where one family remains....and tripped over a banana tree root 🤪 The bruise from the roundabout incident now has a matching twin on the other knee! Stupid girl! Thanks for prayers, love to you all. Dx

• Sunday 29th September
Please pray for safety on the road for us as we drive the 8-hour journey to Rukungiri today. Over the equator and into the southern hemisphere!

• Thursday 3rd October
Hi folks. On our way back to Kampala from our "bush" travels and just hit the first Wi-fi spot. Great to see all your messages, Tova's song and Patience's word are so fitting for the time we've been in Rukingiri. Blessings to all of you. More news to come, perhaps when we spend 5 hours waiting for our flight in Nairobi! Denise x

• Friday 4th October
Finally arrived at Entebbe airport. It's really busy here and flight is 40 mins delayed, but as we have 5 hours at Nairobi, we should be ok. Please pray that we go the distance without incident. We are both physically and emotionally tired but satisfied we have achieved what we came to do and more that God added to our agenda! Dx 😊

• Saturday 5th October
Thanks so much for your mighty prayers everyone. Now safely back on British soil. Had a hot bath (amazing what we take for granted!) and now catching up on sleep after the overnight flight. Thanks again, see you all soon. Dx😎

About St Paul's School:

Established in 2000, St Paul's School is a non-government primary school for children in the Rukungiri district – an area badly affected by conflict and more recently the HIV/AIDS virus. It was established by a group of friends who, inspired by their Christian faith and moved by the level of poverty among their neighbours, wanted to provide a source of hope in the form of education, for the orphans in their community.

The View (CPA Newsletter) Spring 2019 is available now:

The View Spring 2017

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