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Grace Church Milton Keynes - Prayer
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Prayer is a key value here at Grace Church and we believe much of the favour and progress we have seen over the years is as a result of our commitment to prayer in all that we do.

Right from the early days of the church we have invested in prayer, and as we continue to grow and move forward we don't want to take our foot off the pedal! The more we press forward in serving the Kingdom of God and seeing lives transformed, the greater the prayer covering over us needs to be.

The Prayer Shield

A daily prayer plan has been put together by Jon to help you pray. Called The Prayer Shield it does not replace your normal personal devotions, but can be prayed as part of them if that time of day and space alone works well for you. Alternatively you may like to make this something you do every morning before you begin the day's activities or last thing at night before you head to bed. Whatever works best for you!

Our desire is that every member of the church gets involved in praying the Prayer Shield over themselves, their families, their small groups and leadership, and as we each do this we believe it raises a spiritual hedge of protection around us that supports and gives momentum to all we set our hand to.

In the booklet that you can download [PDF file - 190kB] you'll find further information on what the Prayer Shield involves, with clear guidelines for praying 10-15 minutes each day. We want to invite you to come on board and join us as we pray for God to move powerfully in us and through us as a church!



PRAYMK is a secret army of individuals hidden in secret rooms for nobody to see except the Father, worshipping Jesus and praying for the Kingdom to come...dispersed in body, united in cause.

Visit - Prayer walks to use on your own, in groups, or as a church.

Download, stream, project, mobile

Wherever you are, He is here.


Each month or so St. Marks MK serves the church in MK by hosting a gathering to worship Jesus and pray for the city. Churches from all across Milton Keynes, from lots of styles and backgrounds come together for an evening to ask God to bless MK and show more of his goodness. The event is usually on the final Sunday of each month and is held at Christ the Cornerstone Church, CMK. Doors open at 6:30 and it starts at 7pm. Check our newsheet for dates.

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