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Grace Church Milton Keynes - What is Grace?
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What is grace?

Grace is precisely what we don’t deserve: mercy, love, compassion and forgiveness from God through Jesus. It’s something that is a gift from God, and cannot be earned or deserved by anyone, no matter what they’ve done or how good they are.

We have all done things wrong. For example, who of us has not hurt another person through the things we have said or done? Because God is a Holy God and a fair judge, He can’t simply choose to ignore the things we’ve done wrong no matter how much He loves us. There is a price to be paid for doing wrong - what the Bible calls sin.

Grace is about Jesus Christ choosing to take our place before God the Judge and accepting the punishment that is ours. His mission on earth was to rescue us through living a perfect life and dying a perfect death on the cross, paying the debts we owe to God for our sin. Because of Jesus we can stand legally and fully justified before a Holy God, knowing peace and a clear conscience.

The message of God’s grace divides the real Christian faith from all other religions, philosophies and worldviews. The Bible tells us we cannot earn our salvation. It is a free gift from God available to all who turn to Jesus. It also tells us that we live by grace day by day - every breath we take is a gift from a holy, merciful, loving God.

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